We Provide Insurance for Healthcare


In medicine, focusing on a specific area of practice allows a healthcare provider to attain a detailed familiarity with the subtle nuances of that field and remain on the cutting edge of new developments. Likewise, because Professional Medical Insurance Services (PMIS) works exclusively with the Healthcare Industry, we have become one of the leading insurance brokerages in the country for hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centers, managed care companies and other types of medical specialists.

Professional Medical Insurance Services's focus on client needs makes it unique. It has market relationships with the vast majority of insurance markets that provide property and casualty products specifically for medical facilities and practitioners. PMIS's operational infrastructure is geared toward meeting the particular needs of its customers by providing rapid issuance of certificates and dedicated personnel to respond to credentialing requests.

PMIS understands what is important to the underwriters who evaluate and price the products healthcare providers need, and most importantly, it understands what is important to its clients.

PMIS understands healthcare.