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PMIS, formally Professional Medical Insurance Services, Inc., is one of the largest national, healthcare specific boutique brokerage and consulting firms in the country. Founded by President William Reese, Jr. in 1998 and authorized to do business in all 50 states, we provide innovative and comprehensive risk finance solutions for 4000+ clients in the healthcare industry. Helping our clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory environment of their daily operations, we actively develop and implement individualized risk strategies for the healthcare community and design insurance programs that efficiently address both the routine and unique needs of healthcare accounts.

PMIS is headquartered outside of Houston and maintains nine other offices across the country. We have one of the most experienced staffs entirely focused on healthcare, with long-standing relationships with insurance markets both domestically and abroad. All major markets recognize PMIS as a knowledge leader and innovator in providing property casualty solutions to the healthcare sector.

PMIS successfully delivers each innovative and cost-effective program by listening and understanding the needs of the client, which enables us to respond with a strategic plan that maximizes the use of its risk dollar. We provide unparalleled service to our clients and set the highest standards for our business dealings with both clients and carriers. We have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and absolute integrity in everything we do.

"Our partner-like relationship with PMIS is a major asset to our organization. They go above and beyond."

Susan Sherman - Director Quality Programs at Rex Healthcare

Products and Services

PMIS specializes in providing insurance and advanced risk finance solutions to healthcare providers of all types and sizes. Our focus on the healthcare industry, far-reaching relationships with various markets that service it, and experience with all lines of coverage and related risk financing needs uniquely position us to provide the most effective solutions to our clients. We offer advanced, enterprise-wide consulting services to more complex organizations, including health systems of all sizes. Regardless of size or complexity, all of our clients benefit greatly from our dedication to the highest level of service and integrity. We provide extensive reviews and analyses of exposures, coverages and past performance, which commonly result in innovative customized solutions and an improved bottom-line.

PMIS is truly a one-stop-shop for all of the coverage lines that are necessary to protect the financial well being of all the various types of healthcare entities and providers, and can assist businesses in other industries as well. We have access to a vast array of highly rated carriers and a strong, long-standing relationship with many of their underwriters and principals. Handling all lines of coverage for a business or organization helps ensure that we have analyzed all policies concurrently and greatly reduces any chance of overlaps or gaps that can often arise when multiple brokers are placing the various policies.

It is our business to know what is important to our healthcare clients and how their businesses differ from those in other industries. We understand that employee retention is extremely critical in the healthcare industry as employee absence and turnover can directly affect the quality of care delivered as well as the bottom line. By diligently marketing your benefits coverage, we can offer you the best of both worlds -increased benefits for your employees at the best possible price.

PMIS can also provide individual insurance and benefits to those self-employed in the healthcare industry and anyone else in search of a broker with greater access to the carriers offering these coverages than most local agents.

Sometimes a traditional insurance product doesn't suit the needs of a non-traditional healthcare provider. PMIS commonly works with CEOs, CFOs, and other executives to examine and implement more unique and creative risk structures. If you have had difficulty finding the right kind of insurance, want to hold down your costs by self-insuring some of your potential risk, or need a mechanism that may allow you to get back money at the end of a policy cycle, you need an expert in alternative risk.

There are a number of ways that coverage can be provided that allow the healthcare entity to share in the risk of loss and the reward of having good claims experience. At various levels in your insurance structure, you can participate in loss through self-insured retention, retroactively rated policy structures, inner-aggregates. or vertical participation. Creativity and an understanding of needs and appetite for risk are the keys to developing products that are tailor-made for various types of healthcare clients. This takes extensive knowledge of the healthcare and insurance industries, outstanding communication, and a partnership between the healthcare provider, the agent, and the insurance or reinsurance company. PMIS has the experience and ability to make alternative risk structure a successful part of your insurance program. Some of the potentially effective alternative risk structures and strategies we can provide are captives, risk retention groups (RRGs), and loss portfolio transfers.

In addition to our brokerage services, PMIS can offer advanced consulting to larger, more complex organizations including any size hospital or health system. These services are provided by our consulting arm Reese Consulting Group. Under the direction of Billy Reese, Reese Consulting Group is comprised of a team that includes experienced risk managers, claims managers, technology experts, financial advisors and other professionals with the highest level of expertise for each particular consulting need.

To inquire about our Advanced Consulting Services please Contact Us or visit ReeseConsultingGroup.com for more information.

Reese Consulting Group

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